Cultural events

December 1 – World AIDS Day

On December 7, 2013, in the gymnasium of the college, a mini football sporting event was held, dedicated to World AIDS Day. Among the 6 teams that performed, the 1st place was taken by the team of the “Laboratory Diagnostics” department, the 2nd place – by the “Emdeu isi” team and the 3rd place – by the team of the “Dentistry” department.

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“Prevention of Domestic Violence”

On November 6, 2013 at the college, officers of the Department of Administrative Offenses of the Medeu District Internal Affairs Directorate, police captain Seytakova B, inspector of the Department of Civil Aviation of Ukraine, Slamdzhanova L., conducted a training among students on the topic “Prevention of domestic violence”. The training addressed issues of domestic violence, types of domestic violence, and counteracting violence. A survey was conducted on the topic: “The problem of violence in family – domestic relations.”

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Open class hour

On October 13, 2013, an open class hour dedicated to the work of the great poet Mukagali Makatayev “Mұқaғali – mәңgilik ғұmyr” was held at the department “Laboratory diagnostics” in the group Lab.01-13 (class leader Zh.M. Yesengalieva), where events from life and work of the poet. Students read the poet’s poems, dramatized excerpts from poems.

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General college parents meeting

On September 16-17, 2013, a college-wide parent meeting of freshmen was held at the Republican Medical College. Parents got the opportunity to get acquainted with the administration of the college, class teachers, psychologists, learned about the main features of the educational process and extracurricular activities of students, familiarized themselves with the internal regulations of college students. An employee of the juvenile affairs department of the Medeu district of Almaty, police major Akhmetov Rifkhat Salimzhanovich, spoke to the parents.

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Dedication to students

October 25, 2013 in the Republican Medical College the event “Dedication to students” was held.

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