In medical colleges of Kazakhstan, in order to ensure the safety of students’ life and health, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 14.03.2020 No. 108 “On strengthening measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID -19 in educational institutions, organizations for orphans and children, for parents without parental care, during the pandemic period, the educational process is implemented using distance learning technologies (DOT)”. Organization of the educational process in the DOT is carried out on the basis of the Law of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 20, 2015 No. 137 with amendments and additions dated April 13, 2020 No. 141 “Rules for the organization of the educational process in distance educational technologies” in accordance with the working curriculum and curricula.

According to the above documents, the college has the right to use any training technologies that ensure the quality of knowledge in accordance with the requirements of state compulsory education standards. Prior to the start of training sessions, the educational organization familiarizes itself with technologies and the distance learning system. The college provides methodological assistance to students using telecommunications facilities, taking into account the capabilities of students. Consultations are carried out in the form of individual and group classes.

Interaction is carried out by correspondence by e-mail, by sending out information or video using telecommunication means.

DOT includes the following: video lecture, online lecture, multimedia lecture, television lecture; independent work of students in electronic educational publications (electronic textbooks, multimedia training programs, simulators, information and reference systems), virtual laboratory workshops (simulation models), computer testing systems; consultations through forums, chats and email; other television, network and case technologies, design work.

Current performance monitoring, intermediate and final certification of students are carried out in accordance with the working curriculum and training programs. Current monitoring of performance and intermediate certification for students in the DOT is carried out through: automated testing systems and verification of written individual tasks.

The current monitoring of performance and intermediate certification for students using DOT can be represented by various types of educational work (tests, practical assignment, and so on). In this case, the type of educational work is determined by the teacher.

Distance learning at the Republican Higher Medical College is provided through Moodle, an open source distance learning environment. Moodle competes on equal terms with the world flagships of the market and combines a wealth of functionality, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

Students: study at any time, anywhere, at a convenient pace, spend more time on a deep study of interesting topics, knowledge is better absorbed.

Teachers: maintain the course up to date, change the order and method of presentation of the material depending on the work of the group, spend more time on creative work and professional growth, because routine processes can be entrusted to the LMS, support feedback from students, including after graduation study.

Administration: effectively distributes the load on teachers, analyzes the learning outcomes, reduces the cost of managing the educational process.

In college, along with the Moodle LMS in the educational process, WhatsApp, Zoom, e-mail is used