The specialty “Pharmacy” at the Republican Medical College was founded in 1950 as a correspondence department, later admission was carried out to the full-time department.

Training of specialists at the pharmaceutical department is carried out for 2 years 10 months in full-time education, with the issuance of a diploma with the qualification of “pharmacist”

The department “Pharmacy” employs teachers with extensive practical experience who teach special disciplines, such as technology of dosage forms, pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy, organization and economics of pharmacy with the basics of management and marketing, pharmaceutical commodity science, etc. Teachers are high-profile specialists, instill in students a love for their profession and an understanding of high professional responsibility, this is Smagulova M.V. – excellence in health care, Mukashova U.A. and Orazbekova A.E. – experienced workers with practical health care, in charge of pharmacies. The head of the department of the specialty “Pharmacy” is an experienced worker from practice, an excellent worker in health care ……..

To improve professional readiness within the framework of the educational and methodological association at the Union of Medical Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty “Pharmacy”, the Republican competitions “The best pharmacist of the year” are held annually among graduating groups, where students from all medical colleges show their level of knowledge. For the first time this competition was held in 2012, where the graduate of our college Dyusenbekova Saule received the 2nd prize, and our students also competed in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

The training bases of the “Pharmacy” department are large pharmacies in Almaty with prescription-production departments, pharmacies at hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical companies engaged in the storage and sale of medicines. There, college students undergo industrial and pre-diploma practices, in accordance with the approved curriculum.

Graduates of the pharmaceutical department of the college work in pharmacies, in pharmacies and kiosks, in pharmacy warehouses and in pharmaceutical enterprises. They are always in demand.

ramilya kapaevna - Pharmacy

The head of the department of “Pharmacy” is an experienced doctor, an outstanding healthcare worker Shakir Ramila Kapaevna.