Scientific and methodical center

Makhpirova B.A. – Chairman of the Methodological Council, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs.

Nurlanova R.B. – Consultant of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Abzhanova Zh.S. – head of the HMC.

Kyrykbaeva M.Sh., Sakhisheva S.Sh, Tolstykh N.V. – Methodists.

Abdrakhmanova G.B – laboratory assistant.

nmts - Scientific and methodical center

In the mid-seventies, a qualitative restructuring of methodological work began, accompanied by an intensification and optimization of the educational process. The pedagogical orientation in the training of future physicians was facilitated by the methodological guidance carried out by experienced teachers and methodologists.

Until 1974, the position of a methodologist was absent in the staffing table. The first methodologist of the school was MV Lipatova .. mathematician, who worked from 1974 to 1982. From 1982-1985, the position of the methodologist was performed by B.K. Oreshchuk; 1985-1986 year-Aitalieva M.Zh.

Subsequently, she entered the administration of the school Ketov G.V. (deputy director for practical training), N.V. Konchakova (head of the nursing department), Filipova V.M. (head of the nursing department), A.V. Kurichenko (head of the office of pediatrics), Sidorova V.E. This creative team for the first time in the school created a list of documents included in the educational-methodical complex of the subject and developed instructions for compiling methodological developments of all types of theoretical and practical classes, including self-training of students, i.e. .e. a standard of materials for educational and methodological documentation or a standard for teaching subjects was created.

In the period from 1986 to 1994, the teacher of chemistry M.Zh. Tashenova headed the methodological work. She carried out a lot of work on the systematization and profiling of pedagogical methods for the medical specialty. Teaching teachers pedagogical techniques received a scientific focus, seminars, conferences were held with the involvement of experienced teachers under the guidance of professor of Almaty State Pedagogical University M.N. Nugumanov. Simultaneously, demonstrative open lessons were conducted by experienced teachers and teachers of clinical disciplines, followed by a methodological and professional analysis of each lesson, which served to spread the method of conducting preclinical and clinical practical exercises.

sahisheva - Scientific and methodical center

Since September 1994, the head of the educational and methodological center of the RMK was appointed the chairman of the CMC “Hygienic disciplines” S.Sh.Shisheva.

Since 1997, the methodologist T.P. Popova has made a great contribution to the systematization and accumulation of a bank of documents regulating the work of educational institutions and institutions of practical health care.

The collaboration of methodologists-teachers and experienced clinicians had a great influence on the further improvement of teaching skills, which contributed to the emergence of the first systematized collections of educational and methodological material. Teachers and teachers of clinical disciplines translated textbooks into the Kazakh language, began to compile methodological developments. The result of a great deal of work was the creation of a collection of standards for all clinical disciplines in the specialty “Nursing” in the Kazakh and Russian languages. For high-quality teaching in the Kazakh language at the CMC, unified collections of lecture material, collections of graph structures, situational tasks began to be developed, testing was widely introduced as a method of midterm and final control of knowledge, reflecting the desire for an objective assessment of the knowledge of future specialists.

For the period since 1996. and up to now, a lot of work is being done to improve educational and program documentation and compilation of curricula. In 1997, new curricula and collections of curricula were developed in the specialties “Dentistry” with the specialization “Dentist”, “Orthopedic Dentistry” with the specialization “Dental technician” and “Laboratory Diagnostics” with the specialization “Physician Assistant”. This work was coordinated by the Republican Training and Methodological Center (RUMC) headed by R.B. Nurlanova.

mc1 - Scientific and methodical center

International cooperation with countries of the near and far abroad played a significant role in improving the educational and methodological process.

With the assistance of the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an educational and information nursing center was created on the basis of the Republican College. Thanks to the AIHA partnership, the center has certain technical equipment, a library, and the Internet.

With the support of the DFID Foundation, a fruitful cooperation has developed with the Faculty of Medical and Social Services of the University of Bristol, located in Bristol. Teachers of this university, led by Mrs. Meggie Somerset, visited the college to exchange experience in training nurses. Teachers of the University of Bristol delivered a course of lectures on new technologies and methods of monitoring the quality of training. Two teachers from our college visited the University of Bristol for the same purpose.

Under the RIP program, the University of Bristol and the Republican College of Medicine worked on a family nursing training project in Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of the Republican budget program “Advanced training and retraining of personnel of state healthcare organizations” from August 31, 2005 to January 3, 2006, six graduates of our college improved their skills in clinics of the State of Israel.

In the 2009 academic year, in the Republican Medical College, within the framework of the social program, for the first time in the republic, a recruitment of blind students was carried out, in the amount of 16 people for the department “Nursing”, qualification. “Masseur” for the visually impaired.

Cyclic methodological commissions carried out work on the implementation of the implementation of the SES 2010 in the educational process, the results of the control and the analysis of the readiness of the working curricula in accordance with the SES 2010, presented at the Pedagogical Council on November 12, 2010.

The NMC of the college took a direct part in the preparation and organization of the first Republican Competition “The best among graduates of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (plan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Based on the regulatory documents of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Medical College, as the coordinator of the Republican competition, carried out preparatory work:

  • on the development and delivery of information on the organizational and legal issues of the competition to the regional health departments and medical colleges (public and private);
  • preparation of 500 test items in 2 languages;
  • on the development of questionnaires for participants in the Republican competition;
  • on drawing up the program of the Competition.

On the basis of the Regulations on the Republican Competition “The best among graduates of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, agreed with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduates of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialties “General Medicine”, “Obstetrics”, “Nursing” participated in the Competition. The purpose of the Competition is to identify the level of professional preparedness of graduates of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On May 13, 2011, on the basis of the college, the 13th Republican competition “Dental technician – 2011” was held, where 22 graduates from 9 colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part. 1 place was taken by a graduate of the “Dentistry” department of the Republican Medical College Ykynov Aybol and won a ticket to study in Germany.

In accordance with the need for educational literature on professional and special disciplines, teachers of the Republican Medical College prepared for publication and reviewed textbooks in the state and Russian languages. Tutorials published in 2011 were presented at the presentation:

  1. “Pathology anatomy” – a textbook intended for students in the specialties “General Medicine”, “Obstetrics”, “Nursing”. Authors: Esimbekova R.I. teacher of the highest category. Zhangozina M.S. teacher of the highest category;
  2. “Biochemistry of tables and schemes” – a textbook intended for training in the specialties “Laboratory diagnostics”. Authors: Kydyrzhanova A.A. teacher of the highest category, Alieva Z.T. teacher of the highest category:
  3. “Pediatrics” – a textbook intended for students in the specialties “General Medicine”. “Obstetrics”. “Nursing business”. Authors: Mushrapilova F.A. teacher of the highest category. Baymukhanova Kh.Kh. teacher of the highest category;
  4. Collection of standards for nursing technologies on “Fundamentals of nursing” authors: Nurmanova M.Sh. Ph.D., teacher of the highest category. Matakova teacher of the highest category. Beyskulova E.T. teacher of the highest category. The collection of standards for nursing technologies on “Fundamentals of Nursing” was developed in accordance with the State Standard of Education 2010. for the specialty “Nursing”.

Textbooks are compiled in accordance with the content and requirements of the State Compulsory Education Standards, reviewed by specialists, reviewed at meetings of the CMC and approved by the College Methodical Council.

Proposals have been prepared for the draft Concept for the development of medical and pharmaceutical education in Kazakhstan.

A model program “Fundamentals of teaching in medical colleges” and a program for a cycle of advanced training for deputy directors of medical colleges in Kazakhstan have been developed.

The scientific and methodological center of the Republican College for the training and retraining of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers has monitored the provision of medical colleges in Kazakhstan with textbooks and teaching aids. Information is presented from 22 public and 4 private medical colleges. Basically, the analysis was made of educational literature published since 2000 for each discipline in accordance with the State Educational Standard of Education-2010.

In accordance with the approved Regulation on the Republican competition “The best teacher of the medical college of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2012” methodologists took part in the composition of the competitive commission in holding within cycle competitions in 5 clinical disciplines and in the final intracollege competition, where the teacher of pediatrics Mushrapilova F.A. was determined as the best teacher in the college.

mc2 - Scientific and methodical center

Pedagogical readings were held at the college from January 9 to 13.

Purpose: to acquaint with the best innovative experience and creative use of innovative ideas.

40 reports were presented on 15 CMC – 4 nominations were determined:

I. Introduction and educational process of interactive innovative teaching methods.

  1. Master class – panoramic lesson by Zakenova B.Z. on the subject “Kazakh language”, which presents various interactive methods from the experience of the teacher;
  2. “Zhaksy Ustaz – Zhanashyl ​​Ustaz” – teacher Nauryzalieva M.K. notes the need to improve teaching by introducing innovative methods in teaching the Kazakh language .;
  3. Pedagogical workshop – teacher Kydyrbaeva ST.

I. Implementation of modern technologies in practical training

II. Best Presentation of Modern Technology

III. Active participation – CMC “Physical culture”. 7 teacher; – 7 reports.

tsmk - Scientific and methodical center

With the participation of the NMC in the educational and methodological associations organized by the ALE “Union of Medical Colleges of Kazakhstan”, work has begun on the development of professional standards of activity for graduates of medical colleges in accordance with GOSO 2010 in specialties.

In general, the work in the republic was carried out in accordance with the work plan of the ALE “Union of Medical Colleges of Kazakhstan”. Since September 2011, 6 UMOs have been created at the Union and UMC has been organized, the Regulations and work plan of the Educational and Methodological Council and UMO have been developed. 9 off-site meetings and 7 conference calls were held. The publication of the quarterly journal “Information Bulletin on the Issues of Secondary Medical and Pharmaceutical Education” continues, which since January has been renamed into the “Information Bulletin on Nursing Issues”.

Monitoring of the provision of medical colleges in Kazakhstan with textbooks and teaching aids in the context of specialties, taking into account the contingent, was carried out.

Work continues to improve the educational process, which will help improve the quality of training.