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In connection with the reform of secondary medical education in 1996, the Republican School of Advanced Training for Secondary Medical Workers was merged with the Republican Medical School and became a branch of the structure of the newly organized Republican College for Training and Retraining of Secondary Medical and Pharmaceutical Workers.

Today it is a modern, dynamically developing educational organization.

The department carries out its work in accordance with the “Rules for advanced training and retraining of specialists with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education” approved by order of the Ministry of Health No. 691, State Standards of additional education, approved by order of the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 788 dated December 26, 2009, and entered into force on 01.01.2010.

The main types of ongoing additional education are advanced training (54 / 1-108 / 2 hours / week), retraining – (432 / 8-540 / 10-648 / 12 hours / week)

The duration of one academic week is 36 academic hours. Classes can be conducted both on the basis of the college and on the basis of the LPO.

The training is carried out in accordance with the Standards of additional medical and pharmaceutical education, standard training programs approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The training is conducted in the state and Russian languages, depending on the needs of the contingent of students.

The formation of the contingent of listeners is carried out on a budgetary and paid basis at the request of healthcare organizations, educational organizations and contracts with legal entities and individuals.

Specialists of state healthcare organizations with secondary medical education can study under the budget program 014 “Advanced training and retraining of personnel of state healthcare organizations” (if organizations have submitted applications in a timely manner), within the quota allocated by the budget.

The administrative and teaching staff of state medical colleges of the republic with higher medical education can also be trained under the budget program.

Also, training is carried out on programs 010, 036 from the funds of the Republican budget allocated to state healthcare organizations.


Directions of study

Training is carried out in 8 specialties and more than 100 educational programs for retraining and advanced training and additional educational programs on topical health issues.

The department is actively involved in the development and implementation of various educational programs.

Since 2011, educational programs have been developed and are being implemented in priority areas of the state program “Salamatty Kazakhstan” for 2011-2015.

The educational process is carried out by teachers of the highest and first qualification categories, practical healthcare specialists and leading specialists from research institutes, scientific centers.

Implementation of educational programs

The department of advanced training and retraining carries out the following types of training:

– training ;

– retraining (specialization);

– the basics of teaching in medical colleges;

– training of personnel of mass qualifications: (disinfectant, disinfector, dietitian cook, paramedic without medical education in first aid, etc.).

The department conducts long-term training seminars on topical health issues for specialists with secondary medical education.

Material and technical resources

– classrooms;

– modern equipment and technical means (phantoms, dummies, electronic simulators, multimedia equipment, interactive whiteboards);

– computer classes;

– library;

– Internet resources.

Special offers

– implementation of advanced training programs for administrative and managerial, teaching staff of educational organizations;

– development and implementation of additional educational programs and additional educational services in the field of professional activities in the field of healthcare and other industries;

– conducting field cycles;

– long-term training seminars.

The department of advanced training and retraining of the RMK has all the opportunities for advanced training and retraining of middle-level medical workers.

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